How to Have a Personalised Christmas/How to Make Personalised Christmas Cards

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It’s not long to go until Christmas and we are nearly at peak festive fever here at
Hello Ruth HQ! My last blog post showed you some easy homemade advent

calendar ideas, and this time I’m talking personalised Christmas cards.

Personalised photo christmas cards
I always used to make my own Christmas cards with a lot of help from my kids. But now they are a bit older, the enthusiasm has worn off for them, and I’m also

struggling to find the time now my business is growing so much.

These are some of my homemade Christmas cards from years gone by, I hope you might have a go at making some yourself. If you are short of time, scroll down to see my made-for-you personalised cards, which you can order though my shop.

How to Make a Reindeer Handprint Christmas Card

This one can get a bit messy, so it’s time to get out the aprons and newspaper. You’ll also need blank cards, reddish brown poster paint, googly eyes, red mini pompoms, some ‘Happy Christmas’ stickers or pens, and a child.

  1. Paint your child’s hand as shown below.
  2. Help them print their hand on the card, and then use their fingers to print on the branches of the antlers.
  3. After the paint is dry, stick on googly eyes and a red nose.
  4. Then add your Christmas greeting stickers, or write on your message.

Handprint reindeer christmas card

These cards are sure to raise a smile and a chorus of ‘Ahhhh, how sweet’.

handprint reindeer christmas card

How to Make a Leaf Print Christmas Card

If you have older children, or want to make your own cards yourself, this DIY is

simple, yet effective. Just gather some leaves or a small branch from a conifer tree, dip it into PVA glue, print onto a blank card, and sprinkle with glitter before it dries.

leaf print christmas card

How to Make an Origami Christmas Card

If you liked the origami Advent Calendar in my last blog post, you’ll love this

Christmas card. I just stuck a black and white family photo to the centre of a piece of green craft paper and folded it into a Christmas tree shape. See step by step images below to make the origami tree shape.

origami christmas tree card

origami christmas tree card

If you’ve run out of time to make your own cards, aren’t confident in your handiwork, or can’t face the paint mess (it can be a bit stressful with little ones, can’t it!) you may like to buy personalised cards. I have a wide selection of personalised Christmas cards, alongside framed and unframed prints, which all make perfect gifts.

Personalised Happy Christmas Photo Cards

My Personalised ‘Happy Christmas’ Photograph Cards

are a unique way to send your season’s greetings. Simply select the photos from your happiest memories, email them to me and I’ll do the rest. You’ll need one photo per letter, plus three extra, so 17 in total. If you like, you can add a personalised greeting on the front and inside. They come in two sizes, in multiples of 10, so you’ll have plenty to spread the festive cheer.

personalised photo christmas cards

Personalised Ho Ho Ho Photo Cards

It’s also easy to customise my Personalised ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Photograph Cards. Just choose nine photos, email them to me with the messages you’d like to add to the

front or inside, and relax whilst I make your gorgeous personalised Christmas cards. The ‘Ho Ho Ho’ cards also come in two sizes, in multiples of 10, and are sure to take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

personalised photo christmas cards

I make everything in my Hello Ruth shop myself, and add a healthy portion of love to each and every order. By ordering from me, or other small businesses, you are
making a real difference to our lives, and getting something extra special in the
process, so thank you for your support. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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