How To Keep Your Holiday Memories Alive

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How many thousands of photos do you have saved, unloved and forgotten on a hard drive? I am certainly guilty of this, but photos were designed to be printed, displayed, and enjoyed!

How To Keep Your Holiday Memories Alive

I’ve recently been doing some DIYs with my travel photos, so I can display my favourites on my walls, and be transported back to my favourite destinations.

I want to encourage you to make yourself a nice cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine!) and take an hour to go through your unloved photo files from your last holiday. Pick a few favourites and make something fab to help you keep your holiday memories alive!

Here Are My Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Memories Alive

I’ve tried out these easy DIY projects to transform forgotten holiday photographs into something you’ll enjoy every day.

Block MountedTravel Art

This quick and easy DIY is sealed with varnish, so you can even display your holiday photos in your bathroom, with no fear of them getting all wrinkled from the steam.

DIY block mounted holiday photos

You’ll need:

A piece of MDF (easily found at your local DIY store)
Acrylic paint
Prints of your chosen photo
Spray mount
Spray varnish


      1. Decide on the size of MDF you want and ask your DIY store to cut it to size.
      2. Paint the sides in whatever colour takes your fancy. I recommend using black for a chic finish.
      3. Arrange your photos and stick them down using a light spritz of spray mount.
      4. You may need to colour in the white edge of the print using a black marker for a seamless finish.
      5. Seal your art with a thin layer of spray varnish.
      6. Drill a hole in the back, hang up, and admire.

      Marvellous Marbling

      Using marbling inks on standard cardboard mounts makes an eye-catching effect, and enhances the photos in the frame.

      DIY marbled picture mount for framing

      You’ll need:

      Marbling inks
      Cardboard mounts
      An old bowl


        1. Mix your marbling inks with water in an old bowl.
        2. Place your mounts face down in the bowl and swirl gently.
        3. Fish out the frame using an old kitchen utensil or skewer, and place it on newspaper to dry.
        4. Mount, frame and hang your new artwork.

        Photo Transfer Holiday Art

        This DIY for your holiday photos is a little more technical, but the results are stunning, so it’s well worth it! I made my art from a photo of Budapest, so I flipped it on my computer to make a mirror image so it came out the right orientation.

        Image transfer on OSB wood using holiday photo

        You’ll need:

        A piece of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which I got cut to A4 size in my local DIY store
        A laser colour copy of your photo in the same size
        Image transfer medium (from Amazon, click for link)


          Take your photo somewhere like Staples to get a laser colour copy to your chosen side. An ink jet print won’t work, so it’s important you get the laser print. My print cost 40p.

          1. Get your OSB cut to the same size as your print.
          2. Apply a thin layer of image transfer medium all over your board, keeping it as even as possible. 
          3. Place your print face down on the board. This is the most nerve-wracking part as once you put it down, you can’t move it. Use a credit or store card to gently smooth out any bubbles, working your way from the centre to the outside.
          4. Let it dry overnight.
          5. This is the magical part: dampen the paper and use your fingers to gently rub off the paper. You may need to repeat this a few times to get rid of all the paper residue. My daughter helped with this part and she loved revealing the photo hiding underneath.
          6. Brush on a thin layer of Annie Sloan Soft Wax to seal your lovely print. Let it dry and buff off with a soft cloth.

          No Time To DIY? Hello Ruth Can Help

          Of course, all these DIYs do take a bit of time and preparation. If you don't have the time to make your own, let me do the hard work for you. I’ve designed several beautiful ways to display your family travel photos.

          My Personalised Travel Destination Photo Collage Map is the perfect way to display treasured photos. Just send me your favourite photos, and let me know which country they are of, and I’ll do the rest.

          travel photos destination collage print

          Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned globe trotter, you might prefer my Personalised World Travel Photo Collage Map which shows the whole world.

          Personalised World Travel Photo Collage Map

          If you prefer to have the shape of the country centre stage, you’ll love my Personalised Travel Photograph Map which ensures the country is the centre of attention.

          Travel Photograph Map Austria

          My Personalised Travel Landmark Photo Collage Prints are a great way to display a range of themed photos, grouped around an iconic landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower, or Statue of Liberty.

          Travel Landmark Photo Collage Print Eiffel Tower Statue of Liberty

          Of course, all of these maps can be customised with your chosen message, making them the perfect gift, for yourself or a loved one. They come in a range of sizes, framed or unframed, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your home.





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