How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

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Here at Hello Ruth, we are getting so excited about the Christmas season, how about you? As a working mum, I like to get organised as early as I can, to try and relax and enjoy the run up to the big day. I also like to have personalised, homemade Christmas decorations and gifts.

So, today I’m going to share a few easy homemade Advent calendar ideas that I’ve created over the past few years. As much as chocolate-filled Advent calendars are fun, I think a homemade, personalised one is even better.

How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

How to Make an Origami Advent Calendar

I loved making this fun origami advent calendar, and it was deceptively simple to
make. You’ll need green paper, white paper, 24 photos, glue or double-sized tape,

and a pen.

Origami Christmas tree advent calendar

  1. Get 24 squares of paper in several shades of green.
  2. Print off 24 photos from the year. I printed mine in black and white so they didn’t ‘fight’ with the green paper when they are all open.
  3. See step by step images below to make the origami squares.
  4. Arrange your origami squares in the formation shown above, on a piece of A3 paper or card, and stick them down with glue or double-sided tape when you have the right arrangement.
  5. Use your best handwriting to add your family name at the base of the tree.

Step by step origami Christmas trees

How to Make a Photo Wreath Advent Calendar

For this personalised advent calendar, you’ll need small pegs, painted or plain,

cardboard, glue, 24 photos, some pens and paints, and a ribbon to hang it up.

How to Make a Photo Wreath Advent Calendar

  1. Cut out a circle of card (you can buy it or use a cereal box) and decorate it to form the centre of the wreath.
  2. Stick the ribbon on the back and form a loop so you can hang it up.
  3. Stick the long end of the pegs evenly around the cardboard circle.
  4. Print out 24 photos in a Polaroid style, and write the numbers 1 to 24 on the backs. For this one I chose Christmas photos from over the years but you can choose whatever you like.
  5. Put a photo in each peg, with the numbers facing you, and every day you can turn the number over to reveal a new photo.
How to Make a Paper Chain Advent Calendar
This is the easiest Advent Calendar ever, and is so simple you could get your kids to help. You’ll just need coloured paper and a pen, or printer, and glue or a stapler.
How to Make a Paper Chain Advent Calendar
  1. Print off 24 festive jokes, or riddles, on red and green paper, remembering to add a number to each.
  2. Glue or staple them together in a chain, in the correct order, and you can rip one off each day of advent.
  3. If you don’t have a printer, you could hand-write them to make it even more personal.
  4. I Googled ‘Christmas Jokes’ and there are loads to choose from, and you could choose colours to complement your Christmas décor to make it totally personal.
Has this inspired you to make your own Advent Calendar? I’d love to see if it did.
Check back soon for more Christmas makes, but in the meantime, why not browse my personalised photo gifts?



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