Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Are Difficult to Buy For

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With Father’s Day just around the corner (it’s 17th June, by the way) I’ve been thinking about what to make or buy on behalf of my kids. Dads can be so difficult to buy for, so I think a heartfelt or handmade personalised gift is the way forward. I love handmade gifts and cards, so here are some ideas I hope the dads and grandads in your life like, plus I’ve added some inspiration for personalised Father’s day gifts you can buy too.

Fathers day 2018 photo gift ideas

Three Home Made Father’s Day Gift Ideas

First up, here are three Father’s Day gift ideas you and your children can create yourself. They are guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face.

“I Have Loved…” Home Made Card

This is such a simple yet beautiful card, which you can easily make yourself. Just Google how many months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds are in your child’s age. Then either type the lines, print them out and stick them to a card, or get your child to write it out. You can use my example, or add your own things your kids like to do with Dad e.g. kisses good night, dances, stories, etc.

I have love you Daddy card diy craft for kids

“I Love You This Much” Home Made Card

My daughter loved helping me make this card for her dad – just download the free printable here!

Daddy I love you this much. Card making craft for kids

You may like to fold the card yourself if you like it to be nice and neat, and get your child to colour it in and decorate it. I think this is also a great one for grandads on Father’s Day.

Lego “Dad” Frame

My children are much better at Lego than me, so they made these free-standing letters. I just printed out a photo and stuck it behind the letters. The only problem is, they may want their Lego back at some point, but I’m sure dad will understand.

Lego letters diy lego picture frames with photos craft

Three Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Order Online

If you’re a bit short on time, or want to buy a longer-lasting gift, I have created some unique presents I think dads (and grandads) will love.

“Our Dad, King of…”

A card is lovely, but for a gift that lasts longer, how about this sweet frame “Our Dad, King of …” print, which you can personalise to whatever dad is king of. Whether dad’s a BBQ King, or King of DIY or Golf, I can personalise it for you. Just email me one photo per letter, and three extras, plus what dad is King of, and I’ll take care of the rest, for just £9. Of course, you can choose “My Dad” or “Our Dad” depending on how many children you have.

Our dad king of lego personalised photo print in a frame

Personalised Framed Daddy Photograph Print

I know you have a tonne of gorgeous photos of your kids on your phone or hard drive, so Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get something special made of them. Why not give him a picture he’ll treasure forever, using pictures of the kids to spell out the words? You could choose their first smile, the time they took their first steps, their first day of school, or just the everyday moments that are so precious.

Personalised Daddy photograph print for Fathers day

Personalised Daddy Photo Collage

My Daddy photo collages always go down well for Father’s Day, as they also offer a completely personalised present he’ll love. Simply choose your favourite pictures and I’ll take care of the rest. You can also have a caption in the bottom left square of your print eg. "We love you Daddy! Nate and Reub xoxo'. Or you can choose to have a photograph here instead of a caption.

Personalised Daddy photo collage for fathers day gift

I hope you’ve enjoyed my unique, personalised ideas for Father’s Day gifts, and that you all have a wonderful day together.




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