Quick and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids (and Grown Ups)

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Here at Hello Ruth, we take every opportunity to decorate our home, and Easter is no exception. From simple spring blooms to Easter egg crafts, the more the merrier.

Easter crafts for kids

I love to make them with my kids, as it’s a great way to spend quality time together and get them involved in some creative time. Here are some simple ideas to get your Easter craft creative juices flowing – they’d make lovely decorations for your Easter table.

Easter Bunny Hand Print Card

Easter bunny handprint card

This cute card  is simple but effective and perfect for small children (with a little help and some baby wipes standing by!)

You’ll need:

  • Blank card
  • Paint – poster or acrylic work best
  • Googly eyes
  • Mini pom pom
  • PVA glue
  • Pens or Happy Easter stickers


    1. Paint your child’s palm and first two fingers, and press it onto the card.
    2. Use PVA glue to stick on googly eyes and a pom pom for the nose (or paint/draw them on if you prefer).
    3. Dip the edge of some scrap cardboard in black paint to print on the whiskers.
    4. Write “Happy Easter” in the corner or add a sticker, and it’s ready to send or give – grandparents in particular love these cards.


    Easter Paper Daffodils

    Paper Daffodil craft

    These sweet flowers are too pretty to just save for Easter – you can keep them up all spring!

    You’ll need:

  • Yellow card
  • Small white paper cupcake cases
  • Green straws
  • Scissors


    1. Download and print out a flower shape on the yellow card, or draw it on freehand.
    2. Snip a small cross in the middle of the flower and cupcake case and feed the straw through.
    3. Snip slits in the end that’s in front of the flower to create stamens and to stop it slipping back, and place in a vase or jam jar.

    You could make a whole ‘bouquet’ or use them to decorate a wicker wreath.

    Creative Eggs Two Ways

    Marbled Easter eggs and pressed flower eggs

    You might remember blowing eggs to decorate when you were a kid, well this simple craft is making a comeback! I made this marbled egg and these leaf decorated eggs with my daughter and she loved the process. We used goose eggs as they are bigger, and the green leaves and marbling show up so well over the white shells.

    Marbled Easter Egg

    We created these marbled eggs using marbling inks.

    You’ll need:

  • Marbling inks
  • Eggs
  • A pin or needle
  • An old bowl
  • BBQ skewer
  • A jam jar


    1. Mix your marbling inks with water in an old bowl.
    2. ‘Blow’ the egg by making a small hole in each end with a pin or needle, and hold it over a bowl.
    3. Blow out the inside of egg.
    4. Poke a BBQ skewer through one of the holesand dip the egg into the water, and then pop the skewer and egg into an old jam jar to dry.

    Leaf Easter Egg

    You’ll need to blow some eggs for this Easter craft too.

    You’ll need:

  • Eggs
  • A pin or needle
  • An old bowl
  • Pressed leaves or flowers
  • PVA glue
  • Old paintbrush


    1. Blow your eggs using the method above.
    2. Press some leaves or small flowers inbetween sheets of kitchen roll beneath a stack of books (or use a flower press if you have one).
    3. Stick them onto the egg with PVA glue.
    4. When they are dry, brush a coat of glue all over the egg to seal it.

    Easter display with spring flowers and egg decorations

    If you don’t want to make your own Easter crafts, how about these cute bunny and egg decorations?

    They are handmade by Maple Tree Pottery who are based in Ireland. If you’re avoiding chocolate this year, or want to give a beautiful Easter gift that lasts, how about giving a Family Collage or Our World Map?

    Hello Ruth Personalised Family Photograph Print

    I can customise them to your preferred colour, using your favourite photos, and they’ll make a gift to treasure for years to come.

    Hello Ruth Personalised Our World Photograph Map

    Whatever you get up to this Easter, I hope you have a lovely time with your family and manage to relax and switch off over the bank holidays.

    Easter egg cake



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