Personalised origami "thinking of you" photo keepsake

What better way to let your family and friends know you are thinking of them than this origami "thinking of you" keepsake, complete with happy photo memories inside?

Grandparents will be delighted to discover their favourite photographs inside their card. Pictures that remind them of special moments shared during holidays, family gatherings or quiet moments with their grandchildren. This origami keepsake is sure to evoke happy memories and bring a lasting smile to their faces.

After purchase, please email your four photographs and your message for the back of the keepsake to 

Square format photographs are preferred but not essential, I can crop your photographs for you.

Estimated delivery within two days if I receive your images within 24 hours of purchase. There will NOT be a proof supplied for this product.

Personalise the back of this keepsake with your own message eg. 'To Grandad, & Grandma, lots of love, Ruth Stuart, Henry & Rose'. Please use commas to indicate sentence breaks.

This origami keepsake is handmade from 120gsm paper with a blue marbled effect. It is wrapped with yellow ribbon and encased in a translucent vellum square envelope. Open the card to reveal an image of your choice printed on a photographic paper insert.

Please note: Your origami thinking of you photo keepsake will arrive in it's finished form with a smaller image of your chosen personalisation on your dispatch note. Seal the envelope before giving the card to your friends or family. Or we can send your keepsake directly to friends and family for you, just enter their delivery address when you place your order.

Origami keepsake 75mm x 75mm. Vellum envelope 92mm x 92mm

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